Cora is officially on. the. move. As you can probably tell, trying to get her to lie down to take her monthly update photo is becoming futile. She army crawls all over the room, and she can get up on her knees for a few little scoots while working on staying on all fours. She can pull up to a kneel and almost a stand when holding onto or leaning onto the couch, crib bars, or one of us! I can tell she really just wants to get up and run! Of course, she’s fascinated by most things that do not belong to her: computers, glasses, necklaces, and especially any shiny and smooth objects. She will just sit on top of my closed laptop and rub her hand back and forth. We’re in the process of trying to fully baby-proof the house. She’s only willing to sit in her Pack ‘n Play for so long, so we just bought an indoor play yard to give her some more space to roam.

Cora is also far more aware of the world. She seems to notice everything, which means she wants to interact with everything. She’s also more engaging in the way she plays with her toys and with us. She seems to better recognize and take part in games like “Patty Cake” and peekaboo, always accompanied by full-blown belly laughs from all involved.

She loves to watch mom and dad do things around the house. Zach was taking apart some of her infant toys and swings the other night with a power drill (devastating for me), and she literally thought it was the coolest thing ever. She had her little hand on his leg while he worked and watched his every move.

Cora made it to the beach again this month. She spent a weekend at the NJ shore with Zach’s family and a week with my family in the Outer Banks. She is such a beach baby! I thought she would not like the sand, but in fact she’d probably lay in the sand if we’d let her. She’d crawl right off her towel into the sand every. single. time. And yes, she tried to eat it. She is fascinated by the water, and loves to watch the big kids play.

Unfortunately, Cora had her first cold this month. It’s still lingering and I hope it clears up soon. The amount of snot a human that size can store inside her nose is super impressive/gross. We use the infamous “Snotsucker” when it seems to be stuck in the back and making her very uncomfortable.

She had two trial days at daycare, and she did okay (though we assume that’s where she got her cold). She liked the teachers, and I think she was happy to play with other babies. She ate her food, but she wouldn’t nap. She was only there for 3 hours each day, and arrived at her nap time (9am), so it was probably hard for her to settle down for one. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she readjusts her routine and can nap for them when she starts going three days a week. I really struggled during drop off on the first day (we all know that means I struggled all day long), and I did better on the second day. It was still hard–even harder than I anticipated–and I’m grateful that Zach will be doing drop-offs when she officially starts next week.

Cora’s schedule has not changed much from her 7 Month Update. I’m linking here so you can refer to it if you need! I’m getting ready to start trying more finger foods with her, but I’m a little overwhelmed by it all! I use the Big Book of Organic Baby Food as a reference, but if anyone has any tips on feeding an 8-12 month old, please send them my way! She still nurses or takes frozen breastmilk as her primary source of nutrition about every 3 hours, but she’s eating three solid meals a day. I want to expose her to a variety of real foods before she hits that “picky” stage.

Tell me about your 8-month experience. I’m really interested in how people dealt with a baby suddenly on the move! Comment below.

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