Cora has been with us now for 7 months, and she is really such a happy and chill baby. We are so grateful. She smiles all day long, giggles, sits up on her own, and army crawls all over our living room floor. She pushes up to her knees, and tries SO hard to move into a crawl, but I know we will get there any day! Both terrifying and thrilling.

As you all know, Cora traveled to Anguilla this summer and proved herself to be a very flexible traveler. She slept on the plane, smiled at all the new people she came across, and napped every day. She LOVED the ocean so much. She splashes and kicks, and likes to have most of her body submerged. The water was nice and calm which really helped. She loves being outside, and we honestly spent most of the trip outside. She was in heaven.

Cora is also loving spending time with her grandparents. She got some special time with all of them this month, which I know is good for her and us! She had a week on vacation with Zach’s parents, and then my parents took her overnight (gasp!) while Zach and I went to a friend’s wedding in Baltimore. Seeing her form close relationships with our parents is so awesome and something I certainly won’t take for granted. It’s not easy to leave overnight, but knowing that she loves who she’s with makes it so much easier.

Cora still loves our daily walks. Whenever she gets fussy or isn’t napping, we head out with the stroller and it usually resolves any issues. If it’s not nice out, we will drive to Target and just walk around, which is so much more fun now for the both of us since she can sit in the front seat! She babbles and people watches the whole time. Shopping has never been so cute.

She hates, like really hates, getting her diaper changed. It’s not easy anymore. She wiggles around, flips over, and screams unless she is thoroughly distracted by Sophie the Giraffe or some other bright and noisy toy. Or a pack of wipes.

A Sample Schedule

Here is what a typical day for Cora looks like. Not every day is the same – some days she sleeps in, some days she wakes early. Some days she takes luxuriously long naps (usually 2), other days she takes three 30-minute naps (those days are harder, not going to lie about it). Overall, we try to be consistent and flexible at the same time and it seems to be working for all of us! One thing I know we need to be better at is putting her down to sleep while she is awake. She likes to eat before she goes to sleep, and she ends up falling asleep in our arms. When Zach gives her a bottle, sometimes she will go down awake and put herself to sleep. I need to work on doing the same this month to make nap time in day care a little easier.

7:00 am – Wakes and gets a diaper change. Nurses and plays quietly with Zach and me as we get ready for the day

8:00 – Breakfast (pureed fruit and/or veggies)

8:15 – Books and floor playtime

9:00 – Nursing snack and naptime

11:00 – Wakes, diaper change, nurses

11:30 – Lunch (pureed fruit and/or veggies) and play or an outing

1:30pm – Nursing snack and naptime

3:30 – Wakes and nurses

4:00 – Walk in the stroller

4:30 – Playtime while I try to do all the things I didn’t yet accomplish today OR if her afternoon nap was short, she will take a catnap.

5:15 – Nurses and plays

6:00 – Dinner (puree)

7:00 – Bathtime, book, 6-8 oz breastmilk bottle, and bed (Zach does the last feeding of the day)

Cora wears the Love to Dream Wearable Blanket to bed and it’s perfect!

We are officially closer to Cora’s first birthday than to her birth, which is wild. While she is obviously growing and changing each day, so are we. The transition to motherhood is rocky and clumsy and beautiful, but I’ve never learned more about myself than in the past seven months. Thank you, to Cora, for that.

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  1. She is such a fun and adorable baby and we are enjoying her so much! You’re a wonderful family and watching you and Zach watch her is one of our greatest joys!

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