We are halfway–HALFWAY to Cora’s first birthday. I’m equal parts devastated, proud, in awe, and elated.

I don’t mean to rush things, really. But when Cora was one month, even three months, the idea of her being six whole months old was unfathomable, and I couldn’t really picture what life would be like at this point.

To be frank, every month is better than the last, and she is the happiest baby. Our relationship is getting stronger and I can feel when she is upset to see me leave a room and how she gets SO excited when Zach and I get home from work. She squeals with joy when we play peekaboo and do silly (embarrassing) dances to make her laugh. Her laugh, by the way, is seriously the best sound on the planet. I want to bottle it up. It’s infectious and turns a bad mood around instantly.

At six months, Cora loves watching how things work. She plays with things that are not necessarily for her. If I’m wearing glasses or a shirt with zippers or ties, then she’s bound to be occupied for quite a while. Anything and everything goes in her mouth, and if there is a tag on a toy or stuffed animal, she will flip it right over so she can play with/eat that. She loves to roll all around the room, and while she isn’t crawling, she does try to scoot herself to try to get a toy or something out of reach. She gets incredibly frustrated when she realizes that she can’t get it without help! She’s so mobile now that it makes diaper changes much more complicated. She prefers to be on her tummy these days so she keeps flipping over while we change her and gets SO mad when we flip her back (or if we take too long). She’s a girl on the move. She loves to practice sitting up on her own, but she likes the feeling of falling over so much and is still working on the core strength to stay upright. Cora loves when we make funny faces or dance and sing.

Cora still loves getting outside and going for walks. She loves to watch the trees and is slowly getting used to the feeling of grass. She loves getting out and seeing new people so we try to keep her busy these days. Her naps are so much better when we do! Cora is babbling all the time, and she has the cutest chats with herself when she wakes up. She talks while she plays and has little conversations with us. She has been mimicking the sounds of “ma-ma” and “da-da” and it’s super cute!


Cora is still eating like a world champ at this point. She still primarily breastfeeds, but also takes pumped breastmilk. She takes about 5 oz. before bed at night from the bottle, but is probably ready to be taking 6 oz. Sometimes we supplement with formula once a day to help stretch the breastmilk a little more if I’m going to be out and she is with her grandparents. We are trying to build a stash for when I return to work in the fall.

She loves her avocado, sweet potatoes, and blueberries. We’ve also tried bananas and broccoli. We started foods fairly early, so we’re taking things a little slow. Now that she is officially six months, we’re ready to start trying a lot more in the next month. I’ve been using The Big Book Of Organic Babyfood by Stephanie Middleberg, and it’s been an awesome guide. I usually just buy a little more of what I’m going to eat that week and prepare extra for her in our Beaba Babycook. Then I freeze food in these OXO Tot Baby Blocks Storage Containers. I also puree blueberries and freeze them in the Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicle Trays to make a little popsicle which she loved, to say the very least. Watching her eat it was hilarious and she was a total mess.

We are at one solid meal a day right now in the morning after her morning breastfeed, but we’re going to add in another solid meal in the late afternoon.


Cora goes to bed between 7 and 7:30pm and gets up around 7am. She sometimes wakes for a feeding around 3am, and sometimes she doesn’t. There’s really no pattern, and I’m so grateful for how well she’s slept at night since the beginning. We’ve had our rough patches here and there, but overall, she’s a fantastic sleeper.

She naps usually around 9 or 9:30 am, depending on when she wakes up. This nap is finally stretching out. She had almost a 3-hour morning nap this week. It was amazing for all of us. Yesterday, the morning nap was about 50 minutes. She takes a second nap around noon, which is also getting longer (closer to 1.5 hours) and then maybe a catnap around 4pm just so she (and I) can make it to bedtime.

She still does not have a set schedule, which sometimes is frustrating and other times liberating. I was very intent on having one in the beginning, but it is sometimes so much easier to watch for her cues. I know about when she needs to go down for her first nap, and she still can only stay awake for 2-2.5 hours in between naps. Her afternoon awake stretch is longer. As far as an eating schedule…she eats when she’s hungry and I’m fine with that. She’s more regular (about every 3 hours) in the morning, but she still eats a ton in the evening to get ready for a long stretch of sleep.

This weekend, we took Cora to my parents’ house in Pennsylvania. Despite multiple routine changes, lots of family and friends to visit, new foods to try, and oppressive heat, she was the happiest baby the whole way through. I love watching her interact with my parents and forming bonds with them. Seeing her interact with my friends’ babies is the cutest, most-heartwarming thing in the world. While she used to just watch the world around her, she now demands to be a part of it. She makes us both SO happy, and I ache when she’s not with me. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate nap time or that Zach and I didn’t enjoy our solo ice-cream date on Saturday, though!

Life at the Conway household is chaotic these days, but we are truly soaking up these little moments with our peanut. Time stops for none of us.

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