As we head into December, I’m starting to have such vivid flashbacks of those final days before heading to the hospital. As always, it’s amazing how it feels like so long ago and yet like yesterday at the same time. We’ve now been in our house for just over a year (yes, we moved into our first house a month before having our first kid), so I’m feeling nostalgic thinking of the day we brought that tiny (if 9 pounds, 3 ounces is tiny) baby into our brand-new house. We’ve loved having her help us turn it into a home.

Cora is suddenly a little kid. I’m both devastated as she transitions out of babyhood and incredibly excited about the little girl she’s starting to become. She has tons of new tricks (where’s your nose?, how big is Cora?, etc.) and seems so much more intentional and thoughtful with her actions. She seems to understand far more about whatever Zach and I happen to be doing, so we’re even more careful with our conversations, what’s on TV, etc. It’s so amazing (and terrifying) to know that she absorbs absolutely everything going on around her.

Though it admittedly has added to my stress level at times, I’m so happy I made the effort to capture these early months of Cora’s life. I think about how I can look back at these words and pictures for some comfort when I’m feeling extra nostalgic or when she’s 16 and screaming at me about her wardrobe or whatever else. I can’t imagine that those teenage years could be any harder than getting this girl to sit next to a letterboard for 10 seconds so that I can take her dang picture. We’ll see.


Cora is always hungry! She loves cheese (surprise), all fruit (especially raspberries and bananas), broccoli, salmon, and sweet potatoes. My mother-in-law found a recipe for baby pancakes (literally just an egg scrambled with mushed banana) and she DEVOURS them. They are actually quite tasty. Cora enjoyed all the food on Thanksgiving, especially the turkey. It’s so nice just to be able to share the food we eat with her, rather than steam and puree a ton of food every Sunday. We have to be more thoughtful about our meals and what she needs to have in the house, but it helps keep us on track, too. She pretty much feeds herself all the time now, unless she is having something that is pureed. (She LOVES homemade applesauce and Plum Organics pouches for on-the-go days.) She makes a solid attempt to use a spoon, but the process is painstakingly long. She loves to share her food with us, which is so sweet!

Cora has about 4 bottles a day (1-2 formula, 2 breastmilk at this point), and I nurse her twice (around 4:30 and before bed) during the week, and then as much as I can on the weekends. My supply has shockingly lasted longer than I anticipated, and I am pumping twice a day. I do plan on weaning when she reaches one year (cue all the emotions about this). I think I will just eliminate the pump (I am NOT emotional about that part – bye, Felicia!) and nurse her 1-2 times a day until my supply runs out.


Cora is still a great night sleeper and still a less than fantastic napper! She let’s us know very clearly around 6:45 every night that we need to get her to bed ASAP, and she usually wakes up right at 7:00am. She often just plays happily in her crib until one of us goes to get her.

She has been taking two naps a day, although the length varies. She has another cold right now, and is so congested that it is hard for her to nap.


Cora has so many new tricks! She has a little routine that she goes through every day — it’s super cute. She does “SO BIG” and answers when we ask how old she is (she points “1” which is a little premature), and she points to her nose, head, and feet. When asked where her teeth are, she pretends to chew, and rolls her tongue when asked where her tongue is. She thinks its hysterical when we smell her “stinky feet,” and now she smells her feet and our feet and cracks up. It’s the best. She LOVES music and bops to any little beat.

Cora has rediscovered books and is so cute when she pretends to read. She points and chats and keeps herself very busy with them. The reader/teacher in me loves it. She pulls them ALL out of her basket at once. Her favorite bedtime book is Goodnight Moon, which is also a huge personal favorite that makes me feel all sorts of nostalgic. When we read any other book, she looks up and points to Goodnight Moon on her shelf because she needs to read it before saying goodnight.

cora 11 month updateCora says “mama” and “dada,” and I swear she says “duck” when pointing to the ducks in one of her book or her rubber ducky.

I’m honestly fairly emotional about seeing my baby morph into a little girl, but so insanely excited to watch her personality bloom and take shape into something uniquely Cora. Yes, there is so much of Zach in her, and so much of myself, but this WHOLE time, she has always been her very own self. Even when she does something new, I can say, “Yep, that’s so Cora.” It’s the coolest, and I can imagine it will only get cooler. How did you feel when your baby suddenly became a little kid? Share below!

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