10 month update Happy ten months to Cora! There are only a couple of these monthly updates left as we approach her first birthday. Cora is still such a happy and relaxed baby and we are so amazed by all the new things she does and learns every day.

While at one point in her little life her closet was beyond stocked and I felt the need to change her multiple times a day so she could wear her clothes at least once, it is now impossible to keep enough pjs in stock before she grows out of them and needs the next size. I think partially I’m to blame because I continued to buy sizes that were too small, subconsciously in denial that my baby was growing bigger. We are headed out today to buy her a cute little winter coat and accessories as I have no doubt that NJ temperatures will plummet any day now.

Taking these little milestone pictures has become nearly impossible, but it’s always a fun opportunity to dress her up in the most adorable outfits! The romper she’s wearing in these pictures is from Arrows and Lace Boutique. So cute!


Cora has become a little bit more picky this month. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s sprouting almost a whole row of teeth (she has her two bottom teeth, and has been working on four up top) and just hasn’t been in the mood to eat solids, or if she is simply figuring out what she really likes and doesn’t. One day she loves eggs, the next we can’t get her to eat any eggs at all. Most of her food ends up on the floor, up her nose, behind her ear, and everywhere except her mouth. This morning I turned around and an entire teether cracker had disappeared until I found it 10 minutes later under her chin and stuck in her neck roll. Classic. Anyone who has found a better way (i.e. less of a monumental mess), please message me STAT. She’s really into fruit right now (strawberries, raspberries, bananas) and still loves broccoli (we’re hoping that lasts…). She does great with chunks of sweet potato and ground turkey (usually), and she loves puffs. They are a life saver when running errands. Whenever I get an acai bowl, she gets super excited and I end up giving her most of it. She’ll be a smoothie girl, like me! Cora is probably half breast milk, half formula at this point. My supply recently plummeted, and though I’m trying to keep going until she reaches a year old, I’m not sure if I can for a variety of reasons. Zach and I are taking a little “staycation” next weekend while Cora visits her grandparents, and I’m very anxious about my dwindling freezer supply. Part of me is ready to move on, but just thinking about it makes me super emotional. I’ve had a few requests for a post dedicated to our breastfeeding journey so I’ll be working on that this month!


Cora’s schedule is pretty much the same as last month, except she’s dropping that last short catnap of the day. She will occasionally sleep on me after nursing in the afternoon after work, but it’s very short and she wakes up if I try to put her down. She’s happy and doesn’t need it anymore, so I’ve stopped stressing about it! She’s also finally started napping at daycare (BLESSED). She’s been taking two very short (30 minute naps), but they are so much better than what she was doing (one 15 minute nap during a bottle). She still sleeps so well at night, and I’m so grateful for that!


Cora loves to chat these days, and we love watching her facial expressions as she tells her little stories. It’s hysterical. Sometimes, it really sounds like she says “mama,” “dada,” “hi” or “bye-bye.” She definitely points to and calls her bottle, “ba,” which is SO cute. She’s been waving since 7-ish months, and it’s still my favorite thing. She waves all day to everyone and everything, very enthusiastically. It will never get old! She has four teeth coming in up top, and she had the perfect jack-o-lantern smile on Halloween. Cora pulls herself up and down very easily. She takes a few steps while holding our hands, or while pushing her push walker. She is constantly looking for new activities and will only play with any one thing for a few minutes before crawling around for something new (usually involving something she shouldn’t have or somewhere she should be). She loves to climb and wrestle! She has been loving bath time (aka tubby time) and still loves walks — they put her in a very zen-like state. Same, girl.

While I’ve been so nostalgic because I know my baby is going to be a little toddler running around with more independence before I know it, I have so many things to look forward to in these next few months. Here are a few:

  • Everything Christmas! Christmas Eve, Christmas morning, the magic of anticipation…Santa…everything!!
  • Having family around throughout the holidays
  • Her first birthday! Can’t even believe it.
  • Her first steps
  • Her first real words
  • Playing in the snow — we have an amazing little sled that I can’t wait to break out from the basement!

What did you love about 10 months? How did you handle the thought of your kiddo suddenly turning a year old? We need all the help we can get!

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